If a picture is worth a thousand words ... then a big picture must be worth a lot of big words ...

In addition to shooting highschool graduation portraits for Devon, we decided to have some fun by creating a few posters for his SAFE GRAD. Oksana and Jocelyn were kind enough to help out, and Devon was able to stay cool for most of the shoot… LOL. This was the first of several posters created from this session. The background is John Taylor Collegiate at 1:30 AM … stealth shooting like ninjas …. but I’m sure the security cameras caught us (me and my bodyguard) setting up our tripods. The people living in the apartment across the street were probably wondering what was up !!!

Import Supermodel Dannie Riel loves that the Winnipeg Jets have returned to her hometown. We are so happy to have the NHL back in Winnipeg, and this set of images celebrates the spirit of Winnipeggers (and all Manitobans) who always believed that the JETS would be back. The rest of the set can be found here.

These are a few of the images captured during Oksana’s January 5, 2012 “LIPS” Photoshoot. Laura Lynn Make-Up wanted to play with different types of make-up to highlight the LIPS. So, Laura did all of the work with Oksana, while I just waited to snap the pictures when they were ready. Hair was done ahead of time by Phonesavanh Josie Vilayvanh. Pretty easy job … LOL!! Hmmmm… I didn’t really need to be there…. they could have used the timer…. but it was still a lot of fun !! I always look forward to working with Laura Lynn Make-Up.

Here is a sample from the December 18, 2011 photoshoot with Import Model & Celebrity Dannie Riel . This session was scheduled with another soon to be released project in mind, but we took some fun shots as well. Dannie is soooo easy to work with… experienced and knows how to work the camera. Hopefully, Winnipeggers will love the results of the Project when it gets released. If you’re curious as to what it is, there’s a BTS pic on Dannie’s Facebook FanPage . Fans can also check out her YouTube channel “therielworld” .

The November 28, 2011 WINNIPEG FREE PRESS published a glowing review for the musical SPRING AWAKENING, currently playing at the Tom Hendry Warehouse Theatre in Winnipeg, Canada. The review included two photos from the shoot on November 23, 2011. The cast of eighteen are Samantha Hill*, Jeremy Walmsley*, Mariam Bernstein*, Arne MacPherson*, Colin Peterson, Connie Manfredi, Aubree Erickson, Aaron Pridham, Julie Lumsden, Shayna Paulicelli, Nyk Bielak, Dan Szymanski, Nelson Bettencourt, Tiera Watts, David Fox, Haley Vincent, Markian Tarasiuk, and Tatiana Carnevale.
(* Appears courtesy of Canadian Actor’s Equity Association).

Had the privilege of shooting production stills for the Winnipeg Studio Theatre musical SPRING AWAKENING this past week. The show runs from November 24 – December 3, 2011. I shot during the dress rehearsal and was “WOW” impressed. I can’t get the songs out of my head … “Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah… ” (These are actual lyrics … maybe one of the cast can tell me if I missed a “blah” !!!). But, if I’m mistaken, then so be it…. because “I don’t do sadness…” (LOL… that’s another song from the musical). Click on the link to learn more about the musical and how to get tickets. Thanks to the cast and crew for putting on a great show !! Thanks to my assistant, Andrew… who hid in the grassy knoll as my second shooter.

This Halloween Project was a chance to shoot with a few new models and reconnect with ones that I had worked with before. Initially, the plan was to involve 10-15 models for the shoot, but scheduling issues, elusive costumes, and last minute changes resulted in fewer models than originally thought. In the end, more may have been too many … and these nine models seemed “just right”. Thanks to everyone who put up with the repeated update messages, the costume-status inquiries, and the last minute scheduling craziness !!
The costumes are Lumberjack, Leprechaun, Bride, Emma Frost (X-Men), Nurse, Cleopatra, Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), and Zombie.
The image posted here is “tiny”…. the full resolution JPG is 14758×18448 pixels … I need a faster PC !!! Time for a break before the next EVENT !!! Things can only get better… and BIGGER !!!

This image was captured during a short introductory studio photoshoot (October 27, 2011) with Melissa. The session was for another project (soon to be released), but we were able to capture a few fun casual shots, too. You know the shoots are great when you look at the clock and realize, “What?? It’s that late already??” Melissa is very easy-going, yet professional. Hope to work with her again. Those are the legs of a former marathon runner …

This image was captured using the new LASTOLITE “Hotrod” Stripbox, during an October 12, 2011 photoshoot. The shoot was for another project, but “just for fun”, we played with the Stripboxes to see how much light spread came out of the box. This particular softbox does not come with any grids (unless I “DIY” some), so I was worried about spill onto the background. This image was captured with one (main) stripbox. I probably could have used a second as a rim light, but overall, I like this image. I love Lastolite products !! (The Model here is one of my favorites because she is always ready to experiment with new ideas and willing to play with different lighting.)

Sneak peek from Courteney’s studio session on Sept 30, 2011. This was another one of those shoots where time seemed to fly by too quickly… but somebody had to leave in time for the Bomber game!! Go Bombers Go !! Go Jets … um… Go HABS Go !!!