If a picture is worth a thousand words ... then a big picture must be worth a lot of big words ...

These images (of my assistant) were captured Sep 17, 2011 as part of a lighting test in preparation for a portrait shoot for a local Church. During the shoot, the sun kept peeking out from behind some clouds… changing the ambient light levels inside the church.

This Hawaiian holiday pic was shot with the camera balanced on a 27th floor balcony railing. This is a feat in itself because I tremble standing on a ladder. Holding still for the 30 second exposure necessitated closing my eyes to avoid looking over the railing. Nothing beats the sound of a shutter finally closing … whew!!

This image of Alex was captured in late April 2011, just days before she placed second in her category at the WBFF Quebec competition. Alex is one of the trainers at Get Ready Girls. Shot in studio – Winnipeg.

The Prairie Theatre Exchange (Winnipeg) presents the musical LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS from May 12 – 15, 2011 featuring an all-Dentist cast. I had the opportunity to shoot during a couple of the rehearsals and this image was featured in the May 11, 2011 Winnipeg Free Press article showcasing this fundraiser. This image, shot in the Saan Studio of the Prairie Theatre Exchange, features the two leads (Trish and Wally) of the musical. From what I saw of the rehearsals, this production looks and sounds DENTASTIC !!! Who knew Dentists could sing and dance ?!?!?! Apparently tickets are nearly all gone … so if you want to see for yourself, you better act quickly !

During the weekend of March 25-27, 2011 I had the opportunity to shoot (four) Fashion Shows and the Miss World of Wheels Pageant at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. The annual Winnipeg WORLD OF WHEELS car show is one of North America’s premier “Hot Rod” events. Typically, I prefer to shoot such events with an assistant, but on this busy weekend … I was on my own. Fortunately, the Fashion Show and Pageant organizers had everything under control and this marked another successful year for team from RHS PROMOTIONS. I had the chance to meet some interesting people… and captured some nice images as well. You can see most of these images on my FaceBook page. If you LIKE it, then LIKE my page !! Thanks !!

This is a sneak peek from today’s shoot with fitness competitor Holly. She placed FIRST in Women’s Figure at the 2011 MABBA Novice Championships that were held in Winnipeg on March 19, 2011. For some gratuitous reason, I was so happy to learn that Holly enjoys McDonald’s fast food !!!

Grace and I were playing with an “awkward” pose …. We couldn’t get it looking right … so abandoned the idea. But not before capturing this ONE off. I’m glad we got THE one !!!! Shot in Studio (Winnipeg), January 22, 2011.

This “experiment” with plastic wrap had been planned for a photoshoot last year, but scheduling issues kept pushing the shoot to a later date. When we were finished shooting, model GRACE made the remark, “That’s a WRAP!!!”…. Ha Ha… she thinks she is so funny…. but I think I’m just jealous that I didn’t say it first !! This session was shot in Studio (Winnipeg), January 22, 2011.

This Studio Photoshoot with Melody (on December 5, 2010) was the first time I got to work with her…. and hopefully not the last. She was very easy-going and professional. This was also another shoot featuring the wonderful make-up artistry by Laura. SOME people were complaining that the Studio was too cold… but aren’t we all Canadians ?? Great people, great work, great session !!

Here’s an example of the beautiful bodypaint artistry by SamanthaWpg during the Central Canada ComicCon 2010 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. Samantha painted model Grace at the Convention. This image was shot in Studio after the October 30, 2010 day of the show. This is just a small peek at the intricate artistry by Samantha. See more of her work on her website (http://www.samanthawpg.webs.com).

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