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The latest edition of The Huddle Magazine was launched during the Winnipeg Blue Bomber season opener against the Montreal Alouettes. The outcome of that June 27th game was not what Winnipeggers were hoping for, but the results (images, editorials) of this Football Manitoba publication were exactly what we were hoping for…. Bigger, better…. This issue is great. The CFL pros, Eddie Steele and Don Oramasionwu, were easy to work with and so friendly. I can’t imagine that they would be “menacing” on the football field… LOL. Meeting the upcoming future stars, the Manitoba amateurs, was also fun. Thanks to everyone involved with my participation in this issue…. the models (Eddie, Don, Andrew, Donovan, Roxanna and Marshall, Rick, Kiana, Te and Tim) and everyone behind the scenes (Scott, John, Ron, Rebecca, Andrew, Edwin, Terry and the gang at Relish). Pick up your copy from the Football Manitoba offices to check out the pull-out poster!! Coming soon to select local retailers, too.

Attended “SATURDAY NIGHT FIGHTS 2” put on by the Winnipeg Elite (Boxing & MMA) Academy. I was invited by one of their regular photographers because she was on the fight card and wouldn’t be able to shoot. I must say … shooting Boxing has got to be one of the most challenging sports to capture. Definitely a good learning experience. This was an indoor venue and the results were very much reliant on the gear… and probably a lot of practice. The fighters ranged in age and experience. This image captures two females in their three-round bout.

Captured some exciting football action while representing The Huddle Magazine during Football Manitoba‘s U18 Blue & Gold Classic at the East Side Eagles Field in Winnipeg. There was still snow on the sidelines, but the sun was shining and it was a great day for football. A lot of proud parents and supporters in attendance.

The March 9, 2013 WINNIPEG SUNshine Girl is Rudi. The preliminary rounds of the Winnipeg 2013 Miss World of Wheels Pageant have already begun. The pageant finals take place during the 2013 World of Wheels on Saturday April 6th, 2013 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. Rudi recently met Samuel L Jackson … but I don’t think he will be attending the pageant. Too bad for him.

Jocelyn was chosen for the March 2, 2013 SUNshine Girl in THE WINNIPEG SUN. This new SUNshine Girl image was captured to help promote the Winnipeg 2013 Miss World of Wheels Pageant, but Jocelyn is not new to the SUN … She was crowned the Winnipeg SUN Girl for 2010. Vroom, vroom, Jocelyn !!!

The February 23, 2013 WINNIPEG SUN featured Stephanie as their SUNshine Girl. This was another image captured during the promotional shoot for the upcoming Winnipeg 2013 Miss World of Wheels Pageant. Some of you may recognize Stephanie from the stage of fitness competitions. How dedicated is she? “Can someone drop me off at the Gym after this shoot?” GO STEPHANIE GO !!!

The February 16, 2013 WINNIPEG SUN featured Laura as their SUNshine Girl. The image was captured during a promotional shoot for the upcoming Winnipeg 2013 Miss World of Wheels Pageant. Laura has attended many of my photoshoots working as the Make-Up Artist, but this was the first time she got in front of the camera.

One of my ongoing projects is the IN OUR LIFETIME portrait series. This poster is timed appropriately to acknowledge “Bullying Prevention Awareness Month (October 2012)” and I was afforded the opportunity to share the message with this young Family. Please share this message … and also lend your support to the “Love is Louder” movement.

In addition to shooting highschool graduation portraits for Devon, we decided to have some fun by creating a few posters for his SAFE GRAD. Oksana and Jocelyn were kind enough to help out, and Devon was able to stay cool for most of the shoot… LOL. This was the first of several posters created from this session. The background is John Taylor Collegiate at 1:30 AM … stealth shooting like ninjas …. but I’m sure the security cameras caught us (me and my bodyguard) setting up our tripods. The people living in the apartment across the street were probably wondering what was up !!!

The November 28, 2011 WINNIPEG FREE PRESS published a glowing review for the musical SPRING AWAKENING, currently playing at the Tom Hendry Warehouse Theatre in Winnipeg, Canada. The review included two photos from the shoot on November 23, 2011. The cast of eighteen are Samantha Hill*, Jeremy Walmsley*, Mariam Bernstein*, Arne MacPherson*, Colin Peterson, Connie Manfredi, Aubree Erickson, Aaron Pridham, Julie Lumsden, Shayna Paulicelli, Nyk Bielak, Dan Szymanski, Nelson Bettencourt, Tiera Watts, David Fox, Haley Vincent, Markian Tarasiuk, and Tatiana Carnevale.
(* Appears courtesy of Canadian Actor’s Equity Association).