Halloween 2011

This Halloween Project was a chance to shoot with a few new models and reconnect with ones that I had worked with before. Initially, the plan was to involve 10-15 models for the shoot, but scheduling issues, elusive costumes, and last minute changes resulted in fewer models than originally thought. In the end, more may have been too many … and these nine models seemed “just right”. Thanks to everyone who put up with the repeated update messages, the costume-status inquiries, and the last minute scheduling craziness !!
The costumes are Lumberjack, Leprechaun, Bride, Emma Frost (X-Men), Nurse, Cleopatra, Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), and Zombie.
The image posted here is “tiny”…. the full resolution JPG is 14758×18448 pixels … I need a faster PC !!! Time for a break before the next EVENT !!! Things can only get better… and BIGGER !!!

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