April, 2012 Archives

Worked for the first time with Sasha (2009 Manitoba Overall Figure Champion & Ms. Manitoba, 2010 CBBF Natural National Master’s Champion) on April 14, 2012. Although this is still two weeks before she returns to competition status at the 2012 IFBB World Championships Qualifier on April 28, her level of fitness looks “ready” to me. Thanks to Claire… whose assistance with hair and wardrobe helped to keep the shoot progressing smoothly…. (even though I only paid her with two pieces of chocolate).

In addition to shooting highschool graduation portraits for Devon, we decided to have some fun by creating a few posters for his SAFE GRAD. Oksana and Jocelyn were kind enough to help out, and Devon was able to stay cool for most of the shoot… LOL. This was the first of several posters created from this session. The background is John Taylor Collegiate at 1:30 AM … stealth shooting like ninjas …. but I’m sure the security cameras caught us (me and my bodyguard) setting up our tripods. The people living in the apartment across the street were probably wondering what was up !!!