January, 2012 Archives

Import Supermodel Dannie Riel loves that the Winnipeg Jets have returned to her hometown. We are so happy to have the NHL back in Winnipeg, and this set of images celebrates the spirit of Winnipeggers (and all Manitobans) who always believed that the JETS would be back. The rest of the set can be found here.

These are a few of the images captured during Oksana’s January 5, 2012 “LIPS” Photoshoot. Laura Lynn Make-Up wanted to play with different types of make-up to highlight the LIPS. So, Laura did all of the work with Oksana, while I just waited to snap the pictures when they were ready. Hair was done ahead of time by Phonesavanh Josie Vilayvanh. Pretty easy job … LOL!! Hmmmm… I didn’t really need to be there…. they could have used the timer…. but it was still a lot of fun !! I always look forward to working with Laura Lynn Make-Up.