October, 2011 Archives

This image was captured during a short introductory studio photoshoot (October 27, 2011) with Melissa. The session was for another project (soon to be released), but we were able to capture a few fun casual shots, too. You know the shoots are great when you look at the clock and realize, “What?? It’s that late already??” Melissa is very easy-going, yet professional. Hope to work with her again. Those are the legs of a former marathon runner …

This image was captured using the new LASTOLITE “Hotrod” Stripbox, during an October 12, 2011 photoshoot. The shoot was for another project, but “just for fun”, we played with the Stripboxes to see how much light spread came out of the box. This particular softbox does not come with any grids (unless I “DIY” some), so I was worried about spill onto the background. This image was captured with one (main) stripbox. I probably could have used a second as a rim light, but overall, I like this image. I love Lastolite products !! (The Model here is one of my favorites because she is always ready to experiment with new ideas and willing to play with different lighting.)

Sneak peek from Courteney’s studio session on Sept 30, 2011. This was another one of those shoots where time seemed to fly by too quickly… but somebody had to leave in time for the Bomber game!! Go Bombers Go !! Go Jets … um… Go HABS Go !!!