PRO BOXER PHOTOSHOOT – Olivia “The Predator” Gerula

Olivia “The Predator” Gerula is a professional boxer training out of Winnipeg Elite Boxing and MMA Academy. Olivia took an afternoon off from her preparation for an upcoming fight to join Laura Lynn Make-Up and I for a extremely fun photoshoot. This is one of the looks we created … and yes, it was “created”. As we were preparing for the shot, I asked Olivia, “Can you drop your guard and expose your face?” To which I got a puzzled, “What?? No!!”…. I had to clarify, “No, I mean for the picture … your fist is blocking the light … I need better light on your face!” So before her Coach criticizes her technique, I need to remind everyone that this is all “pretend”. Anything to get the shot!! And yes, we captured a lot of great shots. This is just one of them. I will share a few others on gohabster Facebook. Thanks to Olivia, Laura, Lisa and Coach Kent!

  • October 11th, 2013
  • Posted in People

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