The last edition of The Huddle Magazine featured (former) Winnipeg Blue Bomber quarterback Buck Pierce on the cover. Scott Taylor’s cover story eloquently described the athlete and the man who became a part of our City, and a member of our Community. Sure there are some “fans” (really?) who choose to mock everyone involved with the Quarterback Saga, but for Winnipeggers like me who got to meet and spend time (albeit at a photoshoot) with Buck Pierce, the realization that we have lost something deserving of more respect leaves behind a degree of sadness. Football Manitoba recently asked fans what their favorite Buck Pierce memory was. Mine was the simple silly moment at the end of the shoot when I handed him a garbage bag for his gear, and he said, “that’s perfect! It’s all I need.” And as he left, “if you need anything else, just call any time.” Working with Laura Lynn Make-Up always produces inspired results, and this shoot confirmed that. Everyone involved with this photoshoot thanks Buck Pierce and wishes him only the best.

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