FIT BODY – Stephanie

I am always impressed by the awe-inspiring bodies of the athletes that I shoot. From the massive CFL Football stars to the lean fitness ballerinas like Stephanie, the amount of training and dedication to fitness (and dance) exemplifies what it must mean to work hard to achieve a goal. Stephanie admitted that she has not been actively dancing recently because she is training to compete in the “Fitness STAR Model Search WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2013” on August 17th in Toronto. That training often seems to be a full-time job (on top of a full-time job) for most athletes. While this must be stressful for them, I am sincerely impressed with how supportive athletes are towards each other. Even though they are often in direct competition with each other, they are always sharing training tips and motivating each other. I know that I will never become a ballerina (LOL) or World Class athlete, but I can strive to always be improving my passion … my photography. Thanks to “Fitness Ballerina Stephanie” !! And look, Steph… NO HASHTAGS !!! LOL …

  • August 15th, 2013
  • Posted in People

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